Youth Camp 2013

Well, another youth camp at Royal C Ranch in Eufala, OK has come to an end!  The McDonalds outdid themselves this year – it was all wonderful!  Great preaching every service – so much to take in!  Much food for thought.  Bro. Hal Hightower, Jeremiah Hightower, and Mrs. Karen Hightower were our speakers, and delivered plenty of sound teaching.  Now it’s up to us to apply what we’ve learned.  33 campers went this year, including counselors.  Our youth participated in music, sports, preaching, and Bible memorization competition; bringing home trophies and ribbons.  It sure was good to get back home, but the camp was better than ever! We’re looking forward to next year already – plan on joining us!  Many thanks to the staff at Royal C for all their hard work!


Youth Camp 2013 Pictures

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