Can I get a witness?

As Jesus told his disciples that they were to be witnesses, pastors in churches all across America are exhorting their members each week to be witnesses as well. What we mean by witnessing, however, may not be exactly what the Lord means by witnessing. In John 21:15–25, there is a conversation between Peter and the Lord. Peter is told in that conversation that he will die as a witness. Peter is also told in the same conversation that John’s life, work, and end are none of his business! We believe, from what we understand from tradition, that Peter was crucified upside down as a witness for his Savior. John, on the other hand, may have lived to be 100 years old as a witness for Jesus Christ. They were both witnesses.
The Greek word for witness in our text is “MARTYS”, from which we get the word martyr. Jesus tells his disciples that they are to be martyrs for his cause. They were not all told how each of them as individuals would die, but they were all informed has to how they should live.
The apostle Paul said that he died daily in first Corinthians 15:31. We are told that we are dead with Christ, Colossians 2:20. In acts 5:41, we are told that the early Christians rejoiced when they were counted worthy to suffer for his sake. Being a witness may have much more to do with attitude then with actions. With the right attitude, we can all be better witnesses for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, while we live. How this life ends is not ours to say, but until then, we need the attitude of the apostle Paul which said” for me to live is Christ!” Philippians 1:21.


we are praying for you sister Paula…

HOW will you survive?

Has a nurse ever asked you, “on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?” The Bible tells of an incomparable believer name Job. No man in his day was has God-fearing has Job was, yet he was tested with incredible sorrows. Satan’s first blow wiped out his finances and his family, his finances and 10 children gone in a moments time. While he was still really from the first punch, Satan second blow came and wiped out his health. Then the third blow came into his life; his friends turned on him in the midst of his grief. That is what a “10” looks like in reference to personal pain.

How did Job survive? In spite of the incomprehensible circumstances, Job knew that God is good. The Bible tells us that he worship God in the midst of his grief. Job abiding conviction of God’s goodness is an example to us of how the Lord will carry any child of God through the worst sorrows he faces.

Like Job, James tells us that God is good even when we are sorrowing (James 5:10 – 11). We need to remember that every good and perfect gift comes from God. Even though I am a child of God, adopted by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, I have no rightful claim to joy. Job said that he entered into life naked. He confessed, the Lord gave. Job never said, “I deserved
to be pampered by God.”

Envious people treat God like a genie who dutifully grants their wishes. Gain is not godliness. We must learn to thank God for what we have rather than to cry for more.

Job survive by Faith, how will you survive the pains of life? Hopefully, your answer is by the same faith Job had, faith in God. If you need to learn how to place your faith in God, come visit us at Morningside Baptist Church Sunday morning 10 AM, and we will be happy to share our faith in God with you.