2015 Ladies’ Retreat


Crown Him With Many Crowns 2014 Ladies’ Retreat

IMG_2586IMG_2703IMG_20140324_202641_088We had a wonderful time at our retreat, great fellowship, fantastic speakers, and our ladies were downright amazing!  Most of all, none of this would have been possible without God.  Our ladies had been praying for God’s will to be done and for Him to outshine everyone and everything.  We dedicated the retreat to Him, right down to those who were there.  We know there were those who just could not make it this year and wanted to very much.  Those ladies were missed.  No one knows, but we know our Lord is ALWAYS in complete control.  Friday evening’s highlight was a play entitled “…But After This…” , which pictured the entrance into Heaven for our saved “victims” of the plane crash in our previous retreat.  While we know that no one here on earth can even imagine the beauty we will behold, let alone replicate it, our ladies put together quite a scene!  The imitation of Heaven, however, was just the beginning.  Our characters stood at the judgment seat of Christ and received their rewards – along with the wood, hay, and stubble.  They found in the end it was not their busy works that earned them their crowns, but their sincere, humbled works as they surrendered to the Holy Spirit. Their motive to do God’s will and not their own, their desire to please God and not men were acceptable offerings.  I’m sure we will be surprised when we get to Heaven just what our work here on earth has earned us; I pray that we will not be ashamed.

Saturday consisted of presentations from our speakers Jan McDonald and Elizabeth Ogdie, and we finished off with a character trait exercise by Trish Shifflett.  We had a wonderful time, and look forward to meeting again April 17-18, 2014.  Mark your calendars!

2014 Ladies’ Retreat – Crown Him With Many Crowns!


Ladies’ Bible Study

Our current study is on the life of Christ, led by Trish Shifflett.  Lunch is provided.  Come join us on Mondays at noon and fill up spiritually and physically!

Patriots In Petticoats Ladies’ Retreat

Our ladies’ retreat entitled Patriots In Petticoats, was held Saturday, May 20, 2013 from 9-3.  Mrs. Elizabeth Ogdie with Galatians 6:2 ministries was our guest speaker.  Mrs. Ogdie and her husband, Karl, have been in the ministry for 34 years, first in Wills Point, TX and later at Lakeland Street Baptist Church in Ft. Worth.  Her churches have hosted retreats and seminars for 20 years, and she brought with her a wealth of knowledge and encouragement to our ladies and guests.

Morningside ladies presented a moving and thought-provoking play entitled “The Final Call”, adapted from the play “Once To Die”.  In it, characters were on a plane which crashed, leaving all on board immediately at the judgment seat of Christ.  Those who had received Christ as their Savior were ushered into the presence of the Lord, while those who had not made that profession were doomed to spend eternity in hell.  A wake-up call to both: to the unsaved to change that outcome in their own life by accepting Christ, and to the saved to take seriously the Great Commission to go and tell.  If  YOU were to die today, do you know where YOU would spend eternity?  You can know!  Contact our pastor or a church member to assure your home in Heaven!

The theme was chosen to emphasize how very important it is to return to our patriotic roots, our Christian roots, and put God back in our homes and schools and communities.  We pray that message was received and heeded.  For the ladies at Morningside, it was a privilege and honor to present it.  A heartfelt thanks goes out to all those who worked so hard and made it a resounding success!

Ladies Retreat 2013

January Ladies’ Fellowship

Our January ladies’ fellowship was held Tuesday, January 15 at 6:00 p.m.  The theme was “GamePlan”, with tailgate treats for our meal.  Mrs. Debbie McBride gave the devotional, Leah Shifflett shared her testimony.  Trish Shifflett refereed a game of Charades centered around football, which was full of fumbles and a few touchdowns!  As the evening came to a close, the ladies looked over the calendar for the upcoming year.  Can’t wait till next month – and it will be here before we know it!

May Fellowship: Mother/Daughter Tea

Our May Ladies’ fellowship was a mother/daughter evening tea, wity the theme Pretty in Silhouette.  Our decorations were absolutely beautiful, thanks to a very talented decorating team!  Ladies brought their favorite finger foods to share.   Mrs. Debbie presented a devotion in line with the theme, highlighting the importance of presenting the best possible “silhouette” for our Christian walk.  One of our ladies gave her testimony, and we enjoyed a couple of contests before calling it an evening.  The next fellowship will be June 12 at 6:00 p.m.  Don’t miss it!

Spring Ladies’ Bible Study

Our current Monday noon study is all about the tabernacle – from the Ark of the Covenant, to the tapestries and coverings.  Did you know the curtains of the tabernacle were 4 stories high?  That’s quite a load to haul 40 years in the desert!  And that’s just the curtains – there was a lot more to it than that.  Come join us, find out more!

Current Ladies’ Bible Study Series

Our ladies have been learning in-depth Bible study using a study Bible, concordance, Bible dictionary, and other resources.  Reading the Bible is an essential part of the Christian walk; in-depth study gives us a better understanding of what we read, which brings us closer to God.  Don’t miss it!