Friend day 2013

This last Sunday, November 3, 2013 was our friend day. We had a wonderful day, brother Cliff Smith and their Morningside Baptist Church choir did an outstanding job. And then we had a very special song sung by our youth choir, and it was outstanding also. We had many first-time visitors, who said they would definitely be back. The altars were busy and God did a mighty work.

I want to especially thank all the ladies of Morningside Baptist Church for their dedication and the hard work that they did preparing the meal, great job ladies!! Has a gift to the one who brought the most visitors, we had a tie. Dalia McBride and Penny Rhodes each had seven visitors with them. The gift was a brand-new King James Bible with giant print, I guess now I’ll have to go buy another one… But it will be my pleasure to do so.

God bless,
Dan McBride pastor