SCHOOL has started!

Once again the school year has started, some of the children could not wait to get back and see all their friends, while others walked with their head down and their hearts hardened hating to see summer end. In Hebrews 3:8; the Bible says “harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, and the day of temptation in the wilderness;.”
The illustration used is that of Israel in the wilderness after leaving Egypt. It wasn’t long after departing from their slavery that their hearts were hardened, and they tempted God. As a result, that generation was never able to enter “his rest”. Pictures are important in Scripture. Israel entering the promised land is not a picture of a Christian entering heaven, but rather of a believer living the victorious Christian life. I’m glad there will not be  enemies and giants to battle in heaven! This generation never entered into the rest, the promise land. Why? Because of a hard heart. The reason given for their hardened hearts was rebellion (verses 8, 9).
How often Christians end up  rebelling against God, Not from a lack of opportunity to learn, But from  negligence of the word of God. At times, they just chose not to believe His word. At other times their love of sin led them to their hardened hearts.

Sadly my friends,there are many  today that have grown hard hearts against God’s word. They no longer listen for His voice, rejoice in His blessings,and many have even lost the sense of His conviction.

Bro. Dan