Wednesday nights

Wednesday night at Morningside Baptist Graham is a great night of Bible study and special youth classes.  First there is the adult Bible Study, where we study a book of the Bible verse by verse; right now we are in the book of ACTS.  This has been a great study of the early church and the transitions to where we are today.

Youth: We take juniors and seniors and divide the boys and girls, each have a class that is specially designed for them.  We teach on topics such as soulwinning,  proper Christian etiquette, praying, reading your Bible,  and proper behavior around the opposed sex.

Our children participate in a Bible Club program called Wiseguys, in which they learn Biblical applications for Christian living in school, at home, and at play.  They have a great time each week as they follow the life of Tommy, the main character, who is faced each week with a new challenge; followed by Scripture memorization.

You just need to come and see for yourselves the fun we have at Morningside Baptist Church!