WHO is JESUS to you?

In John 18:4, the Lord Jesus Christ ask a question “whom seek ye?” The shepherds sought the Savior, the wise men sought the King of the Jews; King Herod sought a rival; the Greek believers sought the wisdom of the ages, and in this verse, the Temple guards sought one Jesus of Nazareth, a local troublemaker. Everyone sought for the same person, but each saw Him differently. I guess we truly do find what we seek.
If you see yourself as someone with a reputation, like King Herod did, Jesus is a possible rival to the throne of your life, and Jesus must therefore die. However, if you see yourself as a lowly outcasts, like the shepherds, Jesus, the Savior, is the best news you have ever heard. How we see Jesus is determined by how we see ourselves. Some see Jesus has an archaic myth when men believed that God could have wrath and punish sinners. They see no need of Jesus. Some “Christians” see Jesus as a means to the blessed life of financial and physical prosperity. Some see Him has only a comforting friend who understands our needs, and who knows we really didn’t mean to do wrong when we cursed, lied, cheated, committed fornication, and stayed out of church. But then some, who have honestly looked into the mirror of God’s word, and have seen there that wretched sinner that they really are, come broken to the Christ of Calvary, CRYING OUT, “O GOD, have mercy on me a sinner”. Afterwards, they walk and talk with Him who joyously saved their soul. So, I ask you today, “whom seek ye?”

Yours and Christ,
Pastor Dan McBride
Romans 10:4